Ensemble Trapèze


Ensemble Trapèze



Federico Forla


Daniele Zamboni


Isobel Warmelink


Elena Santana de la Rosa


Louis van der Mespel

   Double Bass

The members of the ensemble came together in the melting pot of the conservatory. Coming from all over the world, from Italy to New Zealand, they were able to fruitfully channel their different musical background.

They got to know each other at the Royal Conservatory, having the firsts experiences together in school projects and concerts and, in 2016, the five musicians gathered to play a one-off performance of the Prokofiev quintet for a simple voorspeelavond. The experience was so enthralling that they decided to go further with the project, creating a stable ensemble.

Prokofiev was commissioned to write music for the ballet ‘Trapeze’ and it was from this music that his quintet op. 39 was born. This in turn, was the inspiration for our name.

The ensemble has worked on the Prokofiev quintet, receiving lessons and coaching from teachers from the Royal Conservatory and, together with the personal study and research of each member, they are working to develop their own, unique interpretation.

Besides working on the existing repertoire, they have started discovering the tonal palate of this instrumentation, thinking about new repertoire and collaborating with composers and arrangers.

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